Love is about finding yourself.

Love is when you turn yourself into the right person, rather than searching for the right person. Our biggest downfall is that we are trained to believe that love is fixated around finding others when in reality it’s all about finding ourselves.


There is a great power in love

Once upon a time, a rich man was living in a village. He loved his family and his people very dearly. He helped everyone who came to him. He was living a very happy and prosperous life with his family. However, with time he changed a lot. He started hating his family. He hated his friends. He hated everybody. He stopped helping people. He indulged himself in wine and drinks. He didnt listen to his family and friends. Even he banished them from his life.

Time was passing by, and then one day, he found himself in the death bed. He was suffering from a terrible disease. Then, he realized his grave mistakes, but it was too late for him. He realised that if he would listen to his family and friends; his end wouldnt arrive so early. He missed his family and friends. He missed their love and affections. He was dying all alone.

Always remember:
There is a great power in love.