It is possible to change the past

if one changes how one remembers it because one is never living in the past but only living in a memory of it.

How can one know whether the past created a memory of itself or whether one’s mind created a memory of it instead because one is never living in the past but only in a memory .


This new year

I hope that all of you are having a wonderful holiday season and winter.

I hope that this new year brings you all the things you have been working for.

Stay wonderful.

I love you all.

Alone way

It is said that when you are away from the world, you are very close to yourself, then you are your best friend or you become a self-proclaimed man. If we see the feeling of loneliness as a hindrance, now that I have to make a friendship with myself, then I have to put myself on the test. My critics and admirers have to become me, then this loneliness will not intimidate you, but the power of a strong is a self-confidence Because the person can lie to the family, love, society, but not himself, and the bounty of honesty itself sprouts when you are alone because at that moment you are with yourself . Also, they are close enough to meet those dreams and goals that are never fulfilled by consequence of a situation or lack of attachment or determination. In such a situation, there is such a situation where you find yourself alone, do not be discouraged.

Just feel that loneliness deeply. Finding the dreams of yourself and only the survival of yourself, you will realize how a fire is burning, to get yourself into a place, to get a peak. Then this fire will keep the goal of your life ahead of you like a flame. But this will only be possible when your thinking is positive when you want to be alone with your heart only for a moment, a lamma heart, during which you will get the positive feeling of change or the moment of change, Teach to do.

Anyway, if you want to change something in life or change it then you have to walk alone.

I’m thinking about this

One of the things I’ve come to recognise over the years, is that not everyone makes for a good confidant. Because there are some people who wish for others to act happy and positive all of the time, so as to help lift them from their own negative feelings.

So should we ever express our sorrow to these same people, then more often than not we shall be met with the same impatience and intolerance that they have toward their own sadness.

Positivity and negativity

Just as every coin has two sides, in the same way there are two aspects of every event, person, work and life.We have to train ourselves to see how we see the positive aspect first.The negative aspect appears weak when we bring positive attitude and we go through the work of great courage.When we bring a negative attitude, the positive aspect makes us look weak and we can not do small tasks properly at the right time.If such a big impact of our approach is on our life, then no one in the world should adopt a negative viewpoint.

Our approach determines how we take the failure.

The man who can’t believe in himself, how can you expect him to believe in anything else?

-Swami Vivekananda