I’m thinking about this

One of the things I’ve come to recognise over the years, is that not everyone makes for a good confidant. Because there are some people who wish for others to act happy and positive all of the time, so as to help lift them from their own negative feelings. So should we ever express our […]

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Positivity and negativity

Just as every coin has two sides, in the same way there are two aspects of every event, person, work and life.We have to train ourselves to see how we see the positive aspect first.The negative aspect appears weak when we bring positive attitude and we go through the work of great courage.When we bring […]

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Because people are like mirrors

Because people are like mirrors, you sit next to some people and you see ugly, you see yourself stupid next to others, you see yourself unclear and you do not know what to believe in, and this creates endless thoughts of yours, but rarely, very rarely, there are people you see not necessarily beautiful, not […]

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Keep reminding yourself

Keep reminding yourself because you’re human, you forget, you err, and you fall weak. Keep reminding yourself so the reminder may benefit you and those around you.There’s no fault in knowing that you need to be reminded too.

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कृष्ण कन्हैया

ऐ देखने वालो इस हुस्न को देखो इस राज़ को समझो ये नक़्श-ए-ख़याली ये फ़िक्रत-ए-आली ये पैकर-ए-तनवीर ये कृष्ण की तस्वीर मअनी है कि सूरत सनअ’त है कि फ़ितरत ज़ाहिर है कि मस्तूर नज़दीक है या दूर ये नार है या नूर दुनिया से निराला ये बाँसुरी वाला गोकुल का ग्वाला है सेहर कि एजाज़ […]

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Everyone wants to succeed in life but only a few will be truly happy for your success. The truth is, people will generally only support your goals and dreams until you make it & end up doing more than them. Sadly, they want to see you do good, but never better than them!

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कुछ भी बन बस कायर मत बन

कुछ भी बन बस कायर मत बन, ठोकर मार पटक मत माथा तेरी राह रोकते पाहन। कुछ भी बन बस कायर मत बन। युद्ध देही कहे जब पामर, दे न दुहाई पीठ फेर कर या तो जीत प्रीति के बल पर या तेरा पथ चूमे तस्कर प्रति हिंसा भी दुर्बलता है पर कायरता अधिक अपावन […]

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